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How sweet of Hyung Joon to make a sudden appeareance at U-Kiss‘ Atamix-concert to show his support for his younger brother Kim Kibum and the rest of the members . Everyone looked so pleasantly surprised and little brother Kibum sure looked cute when he suddenly broke into tears.

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U-Kiss- Not Young {MV}

hehehe…i’m back ^^….japan is awesome ^^..
anyways…..updates in U-Kiss…
i love kibum! ^^ <33

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U-Kiss stands for the following things
I-> International(IDOL)
S-> Super
S-> Star
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A new 6-member boyband U-Kiss is set to debut in end-August, targeting not just the Korea market but also the Asia market.
The members of U-Kiss come from America, Macau and China etc, and they can speak 4 languages – english, mandarine, japanese and korean . Their age range is from 15 years old to 19 years old, and will be debuting with the title song “We are not young” as a teenage idol global group.
U-Kiss is under the same company as Yang Dong Geun and Paran NH Media. And they are planned to participate in Japan’s “Power of Atamix 08″ performance. Their fan cafes also attracted about 50,000 visitors to their sites in just 2 days after they were established.
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nobody but them…

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