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Please Read carefully First

1.This seating plan has been set up for the best enjoyment for all the fans and ADAMAS set the price not to be affordable for the fans

2.There are 4 stages altogether, main stage will almost the width of football field and a long runway come out almost the height of the football field

3.For the seats on the field
i. AL and AR are standing zone, price 4500 THB. Each can hold about 4000 people, totale of approx. 8000 people
ii.B1-B6 and C1-C6 are seating zone, will be high up from the floor, price 4500 THB. Each zone can hold 300 seats, total of 3,600 seats.

4.Seating Zone
i.East side has 3 floors (E1, E2 and E3). The price will be in the picture
a.E1A and E1S each has 78 seats, E1B and E1R each has 140 seats, E1C and E1Q each has 500 seat, the rest have approx. 300 seats each
b.E2A to E2V each has about 300 seats
c.E3A and E3R each has 93 seats, E3B/E3Q each has 150 seats, E3C/E3P each has 200 seats, the rest have approx. 300-500 seats
ii.N zones and S zones will be sold at Thaiticketmajor after presale for convenience.

5. As a support of “BindHearts Project”, ADAMAS joined with SMf Team and Smile Team to run the presale process. ADAMAS will send the exact seat numbers to both teams and each team will look after the sorting of seats for creating fan events.

6. Please go to the website of each team for details of presale. Basic details are as following:
i. Presale starts from 15 – 23 August 2008, public sales starts in September, exact date will be announced.
ii. Presale only with SMf Team and SMile Team. The right side (as in the picture) presale with SMf Team and the left side with SMile Team
iii. Half of the each zones on the field (AL/AR and B1-B6/C1-C6) will be presales
iv. All the seating zone (E1, E2, E3) are open for presale, in order to create fan events from BindHearts Project.
v. North Zones and South Zones are not open for presale
vi. ADAMAS has estimated the presale amount will not over 50% of all seats. Therefore, those haven’t decided can go throught Thaiticketmajor.
vii. Any questions about the presale process, please contact either SMf Team or SMile Team

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Yesung confessed that he was a coward in front of his crush, Moon Geun Young during Choi Hwa Jung’s “Power Time” radio show. Despite the fact that he had always been infatuated with Korea’s little sister, Yesung failed to impress her when he met her at the premiere of the movie “M’s” a couple months ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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from their…blood donation campaign CF

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July 23 Wed
7:00p.m. FULHAM Korea Tour friendlies (SJ-H) *The one in Busan, as Alice had mentioned*

July 24 Thurs
6:00p.m. e Sports Seoul 2008 (SJ-H) -Activity-
7:00p.m. M!Countdown (SJ-H) -Live-
11:00p.m. MBC Every1 Idol Army Sets Out! SHE(MC: LeeTeuk, YeSung, EunHyuk, ShinDong, SungMin/Guest: Wonder Girls) *lol, it’s MBC every1 idol again!*

July 25 Fri
06:30p.m. KBS-2TV Music Bank (SJ-H) -Tentative- Read the rest of this entry »

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