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i might spazz out in happiness about these!!OMG!!!its so colorful ^^,,it looks happy!!
i love it….it very diff in their previous MV,,unlike their gray,blackish background its now as colorful as rainbow ^^

if im not mistaken it for thier Me MV ^^
that will be released in a a few day (IDK)

i wonder how cute henry will be!? >.<

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yeah right other Super Junior member already left bangkok Donghae, Hangeng, Siwon, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook with Henry and ZhouMi who will stay in Thailand yesterday for SUJU M fan meeting…

NEWS: they we’re delayed by an hour because hangeng fainted (i just read it from soompi,,i can’t find it now -_-” i’m not sure if its from suju m thread or suju)

(not really related on these post) NEWS about suju: This is an article about the brutal schedule that the SuJu members are following lately. Apparently, Yesung injured his waistdisc during the Super Show in Thailand, maybe this is the reason he had Read the rest of this entry »

here are some of the other pictures members ^^ enjoy

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all Super Junior 13  arrived at Bangkok, Thailand around 1-2 pm. They went straight at Impact Arena for their rehearsals. as usual there lots of ELF waiting for them, even in front of the hotel there is ELF.=D ELF love is everlasting. they have 10 hours practice,,,pretty tring -__-‘ they are really working hard to have a good stage presence just for ELF ^^

ps~ the pictures were only suju m ^^ I’ll try to look for others

guess what,,,Henry lau and zhoumi is there too;P


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video here::: click here

credits to  teiba

lol fans are really fast!! OMG!!!

look at the airport it looks clear compare to the other airport that they always went in..



SJ-M Changchun Film Festival Reports


lol donghae is soo cute =3

ps“the video repeats for like 3 time or more….

video credits to :symbelmyn

SJ-M arriving at Changchun Film Festival





more pictures to come ^^;

all mine ♥


nobody but them…

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