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There is a clear reason to why the fashion trends of Big Bang’s leader GDragon are hard to ignore. He is said to be one artiste whose fashion and music go together.

Recently causing a lot of discussion online with his new “half a month” Mohican hairstyle, GDragon revealed his own style on his company YG Entertainment’s information paper YG Bounce. Read the rest of this entry »


Group Big Bang’s new minialbum sales is close to the breakthrough of 100,000 copies.

Big Bang will be releasing their new minialbum on 8th August, and the preorder sales to the album has received overwhelming response that there has been a rush to produce more to meet the demand.

YG Entertainment’s representative said,”We have initially ordered for the production of 50,000 copies and we have just added another 35,000 to the production. Just like the previous Big Bang album, we are facing a problem with the production of the CD cases.”

This new album features the collaboration between GDragon and Daishi Dance on songs “Haru Haru” and “Heaven”, causing a lot of interests in the new album. Also No Brain has also participated in the song “Oh my friend”.

Big Bang will be the 4th artistes to achieve album sales of 100,000 copies after Kim Dong Ryu, ShinHwa and Seo Taiji for this year.

Credits to sookyeong @ Wp

Big Bang, “Comeback artiste Seo Taiji is the best of the best”

One of the top idol groups of 2008, Big Bang welcomes Seo Taiji’s comeback.

Big Bang has always looked up to Seo Taiji as a seonbae singer with respect, with Seo Taiji’s impending comeback, they said, “Seo Taiji is a respected senior and his return to the music scene is both an exciting and honourable thing.”

And amongst Big Bang members, GDragon and TOP has called Seo Taiji “best of the best”.

Big Bang’s previous minialbum “Hot Issue” has includes sampling song from Seo Taiji and Boys‘ “환상속에 그대”.

Seo Taiji do not normally allow for use of his songs for sampling by other artistes and when the use of ‘환상속에 그대’ for sampling for Big Bang’s 2nd minialbum was allowed, it had caused a lot of interests from music fans. Read the rest of this entry »


Big Bang will be having their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo for their new minialbum “Stand Up”.

It was announced on 29th July, “They will perform the title song ‘하루 하루 (Everyday)’ ,off their 3rd minialbum, which is the collaboration between GDragon and Daishi Dance on the comeback stage.” Read the rest of this entry »

Earlier this week, Johnnydorama reported that Big Bang was going to release their 3rd mini-album “Stand Up,” on August 1, 2008 (08 08 01 on the video). Well that may all change, according to unconfirmed reports on the internet – some VIP’s are saying that the date has been changed to August 8, 2008 (or 08 08 08).

Some VIP’s have suggested that the reason for the date change was simply because 08 – 08 – 08 is a cool date (sort of like Se7en day last year, 07 – 07 – 07). The Beijing Olympics opening day is also August 8th.

There is no confirmation that the rumors of this new release date are true as YG Entertainment has been tight lipped thus far. However, a lot of VIP’s believe this to be true – we’ll wait and see however.



Big Bang 3rd minialbum teaser – STAND UP

Big Bang released the teaser for their title song “Stand UP” in their upcoming 3rd mini album, which is slated for release on August 1st. The music video was shot secretly in the alleyways of Korea, showing a darker, tougher image of Big Bang. They definitely took off their cute, flashy image from the “Lies” and “Last Farewell” days to show their maturity from boys to young men. Read the rest of this entry »


Boy band Big Bang seems to have it all, from loving fans, stylish fashion trends, easy-to-memorize songs and the members’ distinctive characteristics. Now, the ambitious group is expanding their talents in other fields including movies, musicals and even television, but not under the team Big Bang. The members are going solo for the time being. Read the rest of this entry »


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