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Posted on: June 10, 2009



this will be my last post here…..
i can’t keep up updating this blog
so i decided to leave it….
i had some good times here…
i know i didn’t reach a full year of blogging but you guys
had been amazing…


do you guys think i will last?
i haven’t been here for a while >.<
i rly miss blogging here T-T
but i have to work hard for school…
i will cum back soon…rly XP


Hi there ^^…..I think you know about this user at YT…he is pretty popular now especially to E.L.F and Cassie….
lol at first he is a she lol…anyways thes user is really stupid!….real stupid…stupid enough to say that Donghae raped his f
riend!…how stupid….she even make a video to proof that he is Yunho….

his Proof video:

okay how stupid!…..ahahahaha…..its pretty much like an interview of TVXQ and she just
subbed it…and yeah how can yunho knows how to subbed
a video in english pretty much he can just proof it by taking a vid of him self…
wth am i thinking!?…..Yunho won’t make an Yt account!?…
.especially english ones….pffftt….hehehe 0% chance….

many E.L.F and Cassie are really mad and pissed to this YT user lol…even me
i just laugh at that YT user….pretty dumb of him…

another thing… know our ELF blog here at wordpress…..
he visit us there….he bash one of our post entitled Rumors,rumors,rumors
written by yieng………and he slao bash donghae’s gallery page….
he said that he is really yunho and really donghae raped his friend…..
he also said that donghae is a shit etc….
so i banned him and deleted his comments…..
and i think his from uk?….cause of his email add….it said .uk

all i can say he is a stupid….very very dumb….


i went to his account and here is what he wrote on his YT account


(\__/) (\_(\
(=’.’=) (=’ :’)
(“)_(“) (,(‘)(‘)

Seriously people!

i thought E.L.Fs and Cassiopeia were so strong and scary
. But until now.. i think you guys are all weak and nothing!
But no one can stop me.
I thought you guys were protecting your idols no matter what.

Thank you,

Name: 정윤호

동방의 신이 일어나다


유노윤호 (me)

영웅재중 (김재중)

시아준수 (김준수)

믹키유천 (박유천)

최강창민 (심창민)

City: seoul
Hometown: Gwangju
Country: South Korea

Edit #3

i found this parody made by another user who is pissed to hate0donghae040ever

i forgot the user name./…well good job ^^


EverLastingFriend Forum

^ just click ^

i am very proud to announce that EverLastingFriend blog’s forum is
now officially opened , August 20, 2008….
Explore and enjoy the forum….pls read the rules provided
thanks ^^

The forum may still need some improvements. but no worries we are working on it ^^

Schedules/pictures etc can found here::pls try to visit our blog ^^


Unofficial song titles for their 2nd album!

1. Treasure Island
2. Tears, Love and Forever
3. When You Come/Arrive (Part 2 of ‘Until You Return’ from 1st album)
4. Now Grown Up (?)
5. Don’t say _____ (?)
6. Elder Sister
7. You & Me
8. Promise
9. Loved, about to love, going to love
10. One Word
11. Tears, Love and Forever (instrumental)

credits: some korean site + baidu + soulfanatic@soompi (trans) Read the rest of this entry »

all mine ♥


nobody but them…

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