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If you have not noticed, Super Junior member Shin Dong has lost 5 kg of weight.

Recently, photos of Shin Dong showing his little growing waistline were revealed on the internet, gaining a lot of attention from netizens. It was rumoured that he has actually lost 5 kg of weight.

The reason for the weight loss was that Shin Dong has recently particpated in Mnet “Dancing YongHyungDongJae (YeeeHa, Yong Hyung Dong Jae)”. Because of the demands of the show, to have to be practising dancing a few time a week, Shin Dong has also gone on a natural diet.

A comparison was done between now and beginning of July, it was seen that Shin Dong has indeed slimmed down. There was even a video “Shin Dong and Jae Yong ee’s dance diet” made on this.

“Dancing YongHyungDongJae” is a new dance variety program featuring Shin Dong and DJ DOC Jae Yong Ee.

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Super Junior and WonderGirls have appeared on MBC Every1 Idol Show’s telerecording recently and they have to play games in couples. The couples formed from the 2 teams have to tie their ankles into to play the 3-legged game.

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