|What is these about?|

I started this blog last July 18th 2008, knowing that I am bored with my life. First this blog was about Super
Junior [
슈퍼주니어] then I change up my mind cause yieng [aka kpoplover4ever] made a new blog called
EverLastingFriendswhich most of the people called ELF blog. So I make up my mind and settle that I will
post all my SJ updates to that blog. And this blog will be for other kpop artist/boy bands/Korean updates
/j-drama/mangas/ and any of my interests (fanfics)^-^

if you’re going to take out something, pls credit and link back!!!this blog has two authority
but i think maoelf has retired,,,so most of the post here will be mine…some of my post has my
opinion on it, it depends on my mood if it will be good or bad,,,i am free to say what i want here
since this the only place where i’m free…..


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