Hyung Joon shows support for U-Kiss

Posted on: August 27, 2008

How sweet of Hyung Joon to make a sudden appeareance at U-Kiss‘ Atamix-concert to show his support for his younger brother Kim Kibum and the rest of the members . Everyone looked so pleasantly surprised and little brother Kibum sure looked cute when he suddenly broke into tears.

CR: so hot on asia at wordpress

080816 U-Kiss’ Showcase – SS501’s HyungJoon Visits

This is a fancam of SS501’s HyungJoon coming to U-Kiss’ showcase in Japan to support his brother. It’s a very heart warming video.

V CR: ukissmusic


3 Responses to "Hyung Joon shows support for U-Kiss"

Ohhh that’s so kindddddddddddd !
didn’t know he had a dongsaeng >.<

lol..i have that too..jk…when i started a work at the computer…then i’ll go to the blog and then soompi then i will get carried away and then time to sleep haven’t finish anything -_-’…ah i am really working now…got to have honouroll again…ah so much work…anyways everything for suju is fine ^^..ah…you can still mage your blog so well…jealous much***….i have to update mine soon ^^ but not this week…so much work in geography and freakin english T-T school is pain in my back but i will work hard for it..cause I want to achieve my dreams that is wider than the sky ..btw i love kevin and kibum…ah…cute pic up there ^^

hyung joon!!! u’re so sweet…^^

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