GDragon Fashion

Posted on: August 27, 2008

There is a clear reason to why the fashion trends of Big Bang’s leader GDragon are hard to ignore. He is said to be one artiste whose fashion and music go together.

Recently causing a lot of discussion online with his new “half a month” Mohican hairstyle, GDragon revealed his own style on his company YG Entertainment’s information paper YG Bounce.

Making heads turn and people talking everytime with his new style, GDragon, known to be fashion icon, said, “I like making music and fashion work. Music and fashion will never stop evolving. I want to be always in the trend for both music and fashion.”

GDragon, who is constantly finding his own style, also said,”It is not fun to be the same as everyone else. Even though it may be hard to be different, I will change to be different. Even if people follow my style, I will still have and will continue to show my different styles.”

In YGBounce, GDragon will reveal his ’special’ fashion items – be it shoes, necklaces, tshirts, bangs, hats etc.

CR: SooKyeong at wordpress


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Omo,,LOL!! He has his own style n i think it’s very good.. Yeah,many r

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