Posted on: June 10, 2009




this will be my last post here…..
i can’t keep up updating this blog
so i decided to leave it….
i had some good times here…
i know i didn’t reach a full year of blogging but you guys
had been amazing…


do you guys think i will last?
i haven’t been here for a while >.<
i rly miss blogging here T-T
but i have to work hard for school…
i will cum back soon…rly XP


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There is a clear reason to why the fashion trends of Big Bang’s leader GDragon are hard to ignore. He is said to be one artiste whose fashion and music go together.

Recently causing a lot of discussion online with his new “half a month” Mohican hairstyle, GDragon revealed his own style on his company YG Entertainment’s information paper YG Bounce. Read the rest of this entry »

How sweet of Hyung Joon to make a sudden appeareance at U-Kiss‘ Atamix-concert to show his support for his younger brother Kim Kibum and the rest of the members . Everyone looked so pleasantly surprised and little brother Kibum sure looked cute when he suddenly broke into tears.

CR: so hot on asia at wordpress Read the rest of this entry »


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nobody but them…

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